Digital Garden is What I Need.

Ever since I started this website, I have been wondering how should i categorize my own site. Initially, the reason I started my site is that I just want to share thoughts regarding things that interest me on the platform where I fully control. I did not want to strictly categorize it as a blog, I once deemed it simply just as a personal site, but I think that term is too broad.

Recently, I read an interesting post, so I looked around the author's site, the homepage outright shows "a digital garden..", a term that I once knew of but just flies by, but now it catches my interest, so I dig deep about it. I like the idea of how a digital garden is way more versatile in terms of "cultivating" the whole of the site.

The recollection of Digital Garden reminds me of a great blog post that I, unfortunately, didn't remember nor bookmarked the link, essentialy, the article addresses about why people should start writing/blogging, about anything, even though the subject is already been mentioned/written over and over. Well, that just proves its point. So yeah, that's about it. I gonna start to adjust and affirm my web as a Digital Garden.