Stellar Quest Live 5: Soroban - Introduction

Stellar Quest Live 5: Soroban - Introduction
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A brand new Stellar Quest Live is already up, it is now their smart contract platform, Soroban, which became the main topic of the quests.

The current series is mainly designed for beginner Soroban developers. So, those who did not have any programmer or developer background may have difficulty competing in the quest. Nevertheless, no one stops you to compete with one another.

Quest Environment


Gitpod is an open source developer platform automating the provisioning of ready-to-code developer environments[1]. Toward finishing up the quest, most questers will be working within the Gitpod developer environment.

The tool is used to make the quest experience as convenient as possible. Every prerequisite tool to complete the quest is already built-in into the environment, so the participant only needs to complete the quest. It includes VS Code and quest-related shell environment. The Rust environment is also already set up within Gitpod, so you don't have to install anything since Gitpod can be opened up in a browser.


Squirtle, Soroban CLI, and Futurenet

Yep, those things are already included too! We will be following along to learn what is those tools and platform while doing the quest. As a snippet, Squirtle or sq is used for managing the Stellar Quest playground. Soroban CLI or soroban, is used to interact with our smart contract code. Lastly, Futurenet is the test network we will be used to.

Working it out

As the time of writing there are a few quests left to compete. Nevertheless, you can still dig around to learn more about Soroban based on this series. So, let's cut to the chase.

Quest Title Link
01 Hello World hello-world
02 Auth Storage Soon

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