Putting Things in Perspective

Humans are bad with big numbers. Count the zero of 10^6 and it is likely you will hardly be able to get a grasp of it. But to compare a grape with a watermelon is a trivial problem.

Below is an infographic/things that spark my interest. It compares things that we may encounter in everyday life. In the near future, this will be the article where I will share and update this typical comparison.


12/07/23: add If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel

Life Calendar


Doomscrolling is devastating. One time I decided to look at the outrageous amount of time I have spent mingling on social media, I was curious to reflect on how much time I have left, generally. Surely, the graph by Tim Urban came to my mind.

Each box represents a week in your life. On one hand, it tells how finite our times are, and on the other hand, there will be always a new opportunity in each new week.

Universe Scale

‌‌Among many planets, the Earth is the fifth largest planet from the 8th planet within our solar system.

One might wonder, how many earths could fit inside the sun? Well, assuming Earth is forced and squished without any room of empty space into the sun, it would consist of roughly 1.3 million Earth. That volume of the sun could hold that myriad of earth.

Now let us just imagine if we compare Earth with VY Canis Majoris.


The pictured illustration is partly incorrect. It does not depict the actual of how Bitcoin works as a whole. Nevertheless, my point is to extract the gist of how the cryptographic system works, which personally causes me amazement.‌‌‌‌

...until computers are built from something than matter and occupy something other than space.

Cause of Death

Suc‌h a distinct result between Reality vs. Google vs. Media. In some cases, Google and mainstream media generally give a biased view that does not conveys reality. Hence we should carefully consider where our limited attention goes in, especially in today personalized information overload.

A self-curated about where we got a piece of information, and a wide array of sources should prevent us from just participating in an echo chamber. I do personally utilize RSS. It is such an underrated tool.

If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel

While scrolling around Reddit, I found this site that straight away makes me an awe.

As per the creator, Josh Worth, this site is about "A tediously accurate scale map of the solar system that illustrates the mind-boggling amount of space between planets."